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E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce websites hosted on Shopify are my specialty. I love building sites that show personality, stand out from the rest, and empower consumers to feel your brand!

I also have extensive knowledge on Shopify’s Point of Sale - making it super easy to blend your online and in-person sales!

I will also suggest branding or photography to make your website look and feel like you. Building a website can be overwhelming, but rest assured that I will work with you along the way, offering suggestions and taking your feedback to tailor the best result for you.

Whether your business is solely online or you have a brick-and-mortar store, I offer creative and solution-based ideas to give your business the life it deserves!

Not only do I know how to DESIGN, I also know how to CODE. My knowledge of coding allows me to create extra elements to your site that help you stand out!  I am a Shopify Partner!  This means I have a special developer account to design your website.  Once it's finished, I transfer ownership to you before we launch!

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Design Process

Photo of Hayley Royle, owner of 29th Design, wearing an orange blazer while holder her green laptop open.

When you work with me, we don't just put things on a page that look "pretty". There's a strategy behind everything. Building a website with me is not passing me the baton - we will be working closely to make a website that's functional, personalized, and helps you rank with SEOs!


Fill out the Contact Form

Fill out my contact form so I can get you on the list! Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the form so I can get an idea of what you're looking for. After you fill out the form, I will be in touch to book a discovery call with you!


Discovery Call

After you fill out the contact form, I'll schedule a Zoom Discovery call with you. Think of this as a laid back and casual "get to know you" while also talking about your business. After the call, I'll put together 1-3 website packages for you to choose from. You'll receive an email with your packages and a video showing what it's like to work with me. If you feel like we’re a fit, you’ll sign a contract and pay your deposit. Then the really fun part begins!


Homework Rounds & Website Build

I’ll assign you homework throughout the process in order to build a site that's rooted in strategy. Homework assignments will include the following:

  • identifying your ideal client
  • sharing your business goals
  • completing write-ups
  • learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • and more!

This work is so important as it sets the entire tone for your website and bridges the gap between your goals and your ideal clients.

I only work on 1-2 website builds at a time. You must complete your homework by the assigned due dates to ensures your website will stay on track. Late fees and rescheduling are outlined in the contract for missed due dates.

After the first two homework rounds are complete, I’ll start building your site in my developer account. I will start with the homepage, and you’ll get a chance to provide feedback. Once you approve the homepage, I will begin building the rest of the website. Throughout the process, I’ll ask for and incorporate your feedback.


Launch & Support

This is the exciting part! Your website will be transferred to you once you complete your final payment and the design is finished. You’ll have customer support with me for a certain amount of time. You’ll also receive how-to videos for maintaining your site. If you want me to maintain and update your website, we can talk about that, too.

 Gif of Hayley Royle, owner of 29th Design, standing in a green Nebraska field while pointing to her laptop that she is holding.

Ready to get started?

Want to build a dream site that stands out from the rest? Contact me to get started!

Let's do this!