Grand Island Nebraska's Big Idea

Grand Island Nebraska's Big Idea

Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations helps you grow!  Nervous was an understatement when I found out I was selected to be a contestant for Big Idea Grand Island in the fall of 2022.  Big Idea was an incredible opportunity to pitch my idea for 29th Design in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.  The contest was giving away $5,000, business coaching, and other business resources to the winner.  All I had to do was present my idea for 29th Design-Web Design Aimed at Breathing Life into Business!

After my speech and presentation, I went through a round of questions from the judges.  I was shaking nervous for this part as I couldn't prepare for the questions they might ask.  Thankfully my inner self came out, I cracked a joke, and instantly felt like myself at the podium.  All of this preparing, practicing, and uncomfortableness paid off! 

I won!!!  I'm beyond thrilled to be working with Sara Bennett, director of Central Community College’s Entrepreneurship Center in downtown Grand Island, to help launch my web design business.  The prize money and insights Sara has helped me with is giving my business a solid start!  I feel much more organized and prepared to get my business running, and I'm thrilled Big Idea has played such a huge role in the beginning of my business.

The next time you have an opportunity to do something that makes you uncomfortable-do it!!!  There's so much to learn when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone!


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